Sit back and relax, HGTV has you covered

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m addicted to HGTV, While it can be a great inspiration for that next project in your home, it can also inspire many to run out to the local DIY store with thoughts of construction grandeur and getting the latest power tool or finding that special piece of furniture in an antique store for that empty nook in your family room (that you’ll never ever sit in).  Whichever the case, it makes for great entertainment. My favorite HGTV designer happens to be Candice Olson, — she is the one designer that I would give carte blanche to in decorating any part of my home, no questions asked. Her dezines are amazing, but they are not cheap. My motto is if you’re going to do a room, do it right the first time. With Candice, she gets it right time after time, no matter what style. Now, whether or not you have the budget, at a minimum she can inspire you with great dezine principles and ideas for you to get it right. Not many of us can create the perfect room in one fell swoop — it takes time and money, but once you have the dezine basics in place, it’s easy to build and add on so that the room is filled with beautiful things as well as personal things, otherwise, it simply becomes another room in a furniture catalog (beautiful to look at, but cold and impersonal).

Aside from Candice, I have to say that out of all the Design Stars that have been discovered, David Bromstad rocks, He’s energetic, has great style, is a wonderful painter and his show is a lot of fun. I really like how he starts off with a dezine inspiration that the homeowners select and he takes inspiration from these places to give them the room(s) of their dreams. You always need a great starting point and taking inspiration from an object, a place, etc., is really a great way to tackle great dezine. In contrast to Candice with her high-end pieces and personal line of furniture and accessories, David has been seen shopping at Home Goods, for accessories on his show, so his stuff tends to be closer to what everyday families can afford and access right around the corner. And until I saw him shopping there, I had never even thought about Home Goods. You never know what you’ll find since things are always changing.

Finally, when it comes to outdoor landscaping and dezine, I have to give a nod to Jamie Durie,,  HGTV’s newest international designer from Down Under. For each outdoor project, he takes inspiration from locations around the globe. The outdoor rooms are also amazing — makes me want to move to sunny California so that I can enjoy them all year long, but I digress. From water features, to fireplaces, to lush tropical installations, I’ve seen it all and Jamie and his team pull it off each episode.

There are so many other wonderful designers and programs to watch, but there comes a time when you have to get off that sofa and actually do some of it yourself, unless you’re calling someone to dezine the room for you and then you’ll at least have some ideas to share. Sure, it’s great entertainment, but it’s also a great way to help you create a beautiful place called home. So who’s your favorite HGTV designer or HGTV program?

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