Truffles too beautiful to eat, maybe…

You’re probably asking yourself, what do truffles have to do with dezine?  Go with it for a second and just take a look… My philosophy is that dezine can manifest itself in so many ways around us, even in food. During a recent food trade show, I stumbled upon this beautiful display of truffles and you have to admit, each one is a work of art. Before you can even get to the bliss of placing a truffle in your mouth and savoring the creamy morsel, there was extensive thought placed into the look, the feel, the overall shape and appearance of each — beautiful dezines that draw you in. Vibrant colors, unique patterns and textures, who knew that a piece of chocolate could get any better?

Best regards, DPC


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  1. From one food “dezine enthusiast” to another, I’ve always believed food presentation is just as important as the flavor.

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