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Head Turner!

I stumbled upon this at a trade show (for food of all places). Definitely caught my eye given dinosaur/aquatic-monster dezine applied onto a motor bike. This is one case where a picture speaks for itself. Enjoy!


Let me introduce myself…

A little nervous here as I type my first entry, but excited as well.

So why am I here? Let’s just say that I’ve recently come to discover my secret passion and am brimming to share it with anyone who’ll care to listen. It’s about┬áDESIGN or as I spell it, DEZINE.

The breadth of dezine is endless so all is fair game depending on my mood or simply depending on what I encounter along the way in this brief journey of ours called life. Just look around you and dezine manifests itself in so many ways possible — from the computer or tablet you’re using to view this, to the layout of a page in your favorite magazine, to that store at the mall that you often visit. For me though, my “I on dezine” tends to focus on things architectural and on interior dezine. But don’t be surprised if I stretch way beyond those boundaries.

Now let me be the first to say that I am by no means an expert. I never studied dezine or got any type of degree or training, it’ all a basic instinct and something I’ve picked along the way. And I know that there out countless other folks out there in the blogosphere and in the industry who are the experts and do this on a regular basis, but hopefully there’s room for a dezine enthusiast as myself…so I thank everyone in advance for granting me an inch!

What else? Well I hope through my postings that you’ll get to know more about me, but in the mean time, I’ll leave you with my one guiding dezine principle: start with one item/object, something you truly love and build from there…you can’t go wrong!

Best regards, DPC