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My love of Apple

Great dezine manifests itself in so many different ways and is all around us. The best kind is when you don’t even notice it, and it simply becomes a part of and entwined in your every day. Apple products,, are one such example that have found their way into my daily life — some might say good, others may say bad. But for me, it’s been a wonderful experience so far.

It all began when I actually received an iPod as a gift several year ago. The clean, simple lines and the intuitive nature of the product had me hooked as soon as I began playing with the “wheel”. From there, I finally took the plunge and dumped my clunky PC Tower, keyboard and monitor for an all-in-one iMac. Getting one literally forced me to upgrade my work desk at my home office just to ensure that my new purchase was properly displayed. It’s a thing of beauty, speckled aluminum gray casing with a solid piece of glass edged in black  — blended together and perched on a sexy, curving steel pedestal.

And then the love affair continued with the iPhone where I’m no on my 4th generation (fyi, I did skip a year in the 2nd gen) and as of this past year, the iPad when I casually strolled into the local Apple store and to my surprise, there was no line on opening day and I walked out with my new toy less than 30 minutes later. The ipad took a little more convincing since it was an unplanned purchase — like so many others at time, I wasn’t exactly sure why I needed one. I’m sure glad I did get it though! It’s simple, intuitive, clean lined, light and compact but just the right heft and screen size to comfortably take in all forms of info, news and entertainment from the comfort of my bed or the sofa as I sit next to the fireplace.

But in the end, these beautifully designed products would be useless if they didn’t work — and they definitely do work. They make everything else I have to deal with frustratingly painful since I have to scream out and ask why can’t these other products work like an Apple? Ok, I don’t really do that, but there have been those quiet moments, especially at work, when I’m forced to lay my finger tips on non-Apple technology. The pain of it all!

As I started typing this entry, it made me realize even more that great dezine isn’t just about something to look at and admire. Great dezine makes you transcend the product and package, but helps you focus on and enjoy the end result and the experience at hand, whatever that may be.

Best regards, DPC