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Love my Dyson, except…

I recently purchased a new Dyson Upright Ball Vacuum. It’s fantastically light and super easy to maneuver given the “ball” base technology. It’s bagless too and has a great design. But on the flipside, it’s not cheap — it’s a major commitment. To a vacuum??? The canister is small so you’ll have to empty it often, the chord isn’t as long as I’d like, and drum roll please…….. my biggest issue with this vacuum is the extension handle that lifts up and out to reach those far, hard-to-reach areas. It’s a straight “stick”, but when you’re up close to something, there’s an awkwardness since it won’t bend. Trust me about this. I had an older Dyson model before switching to this and it had the same “stick” issue. Despite my rants, it’s still the only vacuum I’d purchase. Maybe Mr. Dyson has heard about this from others… but in the mean time, I’ll get back to vacuuming my rug. Photo courtesy of

Best regards, DPC